"It's really neat being able to diversify your workouts. Also, training with the group is a big, big part of what you're doing. If you didn't have the group, it wouldn't be the same."
--Kelly H.

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"My week would not be the same if I didn't get some quality time with some like-minded, ball-capped, pony-tailed, strong-spirited, quick-steppin' ladies. Half the time I am too winded to talk, and only see the back of their Moxy jackets or they see the back of mine, but, it doesn't matter... I just want to be in their good company."

-- Anonymous

"The Moxy fitness program has been a revolutionary change in my lifestyle. Now being in shape is a reality and no longer a pipe dream, and best of all, I've met and work out regularly with some of Tahoe's most amazing and inspirational women, not the least of which are Erika Melanie and Sara! HipHipHorray for Moxy!!!"

-- Suzy  I.