Eat at least 30g of fiber a day

The foods highest in fiber are the foods that are best for you - fruits, veggies, lentils, and whole grains. A high fiber diet is important for your body's health and proper digestion. Studies show that a high fiber diet can also lower cholesterol.

Eat your veggies first

By eating your vegetables and salad first, you are able to fill up faster and eat less starches and proteins.

Eat less more often

Rather than eating large meals, chop up your eating into smaller portions throughout the day. By eating three meals and three snacks over the course of the day, you will help speed up your metabolism and shed pounds quicker!

Spinach, orange & pecan salad

Here’s a low-fat, delicious spinach salad with a lovely citrus dressing. It’s great on its own or as a side dish for chicken or pork
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Italian-style spaghetti squash

Here's a delicious, low-carb substitution for pasta that is simple to make and healthy for you. Try it as either a main dish or a great side dish for grilled meats and fish.
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Chicken and Mushroom

A few years ago we had a revelation: chicken and mushrooms go extremely well together. Since then, we’ve tried many recipes using these two main ingredients, and this one is one of our favorites.
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