"... and my week would not be the same if I didn't get some quality time with some like-minded, ball-capped, pony-tailed, strong-spirited, quickstepping' ladies. Half the time I am too winded to talk, and only see the back of their Moxy jackets or they see the back of mine, but, it doesn't matter... I just want to be in their good company."

Moxy Fitness, originally called "Outdoor Peak Fitness," was started in 2001 by Erika Mathews as a co-ed outdoor fitness program. Tired of traditional exercise programs that, to her, were routine due to their typical indoor locations, Erika decided to take the approach that people, like herself, may be further inspired to exercise when surrounded by the great outdoors. Living and working in South Lake Tahoe, California, Erika believed that the lake would definitely serve as a prime location to support her dream.

To expand her initially small client base and to support her belief that women would benefit from a program dedicated just to them, Erika eventually made the decision to modify her business plans by changing the company's name to something more suitable, and to make it a women's only fitness program.

So how did the name Moxy come along? According to Erika, "A friend of hers with a marketing background suggested that the name Outdoor Peak Fitness was intimidating and that she should think about changing it." As a result, Erika took her friend's advice and punched the word "fitness" into her computer and found one of the synonyms to be "moxie" - meaning spirit, pep, determination, fire, vigor, sass, and enthusiasm. To Erika, moxie's definition proved to contain all of the characteristics that she was personally drawn to and and that she tried to embody in her daily life.

Since its inception, Moxy Fitness has grown to be a great success with women in the Tahoe area - so much, in fact, that In 2006, Erika brought her sister, Melanie, on board as her partner in order to help with the program's growth. According to Erika, the number one goal at Moxy Fitness is:  "To inspire women through exercise, camaraderie and the great outdoors. To encourage them to step out of their comfort zones and rethink their beliefs about what they CAN do and can't do. To remind them that they've got moxie!!!"