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December 6, 2010 - December 6, 2010

De-Stress this Holiday Season

Life is stressful, and so are the holidays.  If you already find yourself overbooked and overwhelmed for the month of December, it’s important that you schedule some “you time” on the calendar.  Follow the tips below to make it through the holidays with your stress levels at bay…

·   Exercise – Free time runs short this time of year, but sticking to your regular exercise routine will keep you feeling happy and healthy.  Plus, it will allow you some peace of mind for indulging on some holiday treats.

·   Do something every day that calms you – Whether it’s calling your best friend, taking a warm bath, or walking the dog, make sure to include de-stressing activities in your daily routine.

·   Pick your food battles – Don’t try to deprive yourself of all holiday goodies, after all, this time only comes once per year.  Choose the holiday treat that you most look forward to and allow yourself the freedom to have a reasonable portion of that treat.  Pass on the candies, cookies, and appetizers that you don’t really love.  Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

·   Always be prepared – Chances are that you will be running around even more than usual this month.  Make sure you stock your purse, car, office desk and kitchen with quick and portable snacks.  You’ll be more tempted to indulge in the cookie basket if you’re hungry so make sure to eat something, ideally with protein and fiber, every few hours.  Trail mix, string cheese and fruit, and yogurt with berries are great choices.

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